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Adaptive Tuning

This workshop provides several exercises that are used to further explore the use of adaptive control. A flow process with non-linear installed valve characteristics is used in this workshop.

Step1: Select the Tuning application and select the Adaptive Tuning tab to view the trend of the control operation for various flow setpoints. Notice that at the low end of the flow loop operating range the control response is very oscillatory, indicating a higher process gain in this region of operation.

Step 2: Select the Models Viewing tab to see how the process gain is changing as a function of the flow demand and associated region of valve operation. In the lower portion of the model view, note how the state parameter has been broken into five operating regions.

Step 3: Select the Adaptive Control tab and observe the control performance with adaptive control turned to Partial.

Step 4: Turn the adaptive control to Off and observe the impact this has on control performance. When adaptive control is enabled, a significant improvement should be noted in control performance.