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Continuous Data Analytics

This workshop provides several exercises that may be used to further explore the on-line use of data analytics for fault detection and quality parameter prediction. A simulation of the mixer process is used in this workshop.

Step 1: Open the Data Analytics on-line interface to observe the current status of the process. Select the Alarm History Tab to see the recent faults that have been detected.

Step 2: Access the History Tab view and select the most recent fault and click on the point in the trend that shows variation in T2 or Q statistics above a value of 1. Examine the parameter contribution and select the parameter that shows that it contributed the most to the fault condition.

Step 3: Based on the trend of the parameter that most contributed to the fault condition, decide which of the process disturbances listed was the source of the fault condition. Select the Quality tab to determine if the fault had an impact on the quality parameter, product % solids.

Step 4: Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for the last four fault conditions. Determine which process disturbance caused each fault condition.