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Evaluating Control System Performance

This workshop is designed to illustrate some of the features that are typically available in commercial products for performance monitoring. The area addressed is shown in the Process tab.

Step 1: From the Overview tab of the performance monitoring tools, determine how many of the modules in a selected area have at least one block that is not being utilized in its designed mode of operation.

Step 2: Access the Summary tab to find the modules that contain one or more blocks that are not being utilized in their designed mode of operation.

Step 3: Identify the modules that have one or more bad measurements based on the information provided in the area summary.

Step 4: Select a module with a bad measurement and then identify the block that has the bad measurement.

Step 5: Examine the block detail to determine the percent of time the measurement was bad.

Step 6: Using the area summary, find a module that has high variability that is not attributed to the PID tuning.

Step 7: Examine the PID detail to determine the standard deviation of the control parameter from setpoint.

Step 8: In the area summary, find a module that has high variability caused by the PID tuning. Examine the tuning index in the PID block detail to determine if the current tuning is too aggressive or too sluggish.