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Process Simulation

Spray dryers are used in the process industry to manufacture a variety of products. As described in Chapter 11, the drying mechanism within the spray tower is quite complex and is impacted by the slurry flow rate, the spray pressure, the air flow and the air temperature. This workshop exercise is designed to show how the spray dryer process may be simulated.

Step 1: Identify the small processes associated with the spray dryer process by circling these on a copy of the P&ID shown in the Process tab.

Step 2: Create a simulation diagram that represents the small processes identified in Step 1.

Step 3: Examine the control and process simulation modules that were created based on the spray dryer process simulation diagram.

Step 4: View the dynamic response of the spray dryer simulation when a change is made in the slurry flow setpoint in the control module. Note the impact of this change on the simulated slurry flow, heater outlet temperature and product moisture.